Trave(love): This Week I’m Digging…

I couldn’t decide what to post about today, so here’s a few things I’ve seen this week and thought “wooooo!”

diggin1) The Brandonburg Coat by Makool Loves You – Wooly and warm and perfect for travelling escapades!

2) Paris! Cards by Darling Clementine – Oh so sweet! The perfect gift for your wanderlusting friends & family.

3) Duluth Utility Pack by Inventory – This cute pack has an air of the past about it so you can feel like you’re on an adventure when you’re just going to school or work.


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Smiths Down Under


There’s a new addition to my Christmas wishlist… It’s the new Mr & Mrs Smith Guidebook to Australia and New Zealand!

We all know that the Smiths are the people to turn to when it comes to luxury accommodation. Their stable of hotels stretches all around the world, and they offer great discounts and deals on arrival.

I can’t wait to see who they’re featuring in my ‘local’ region. Looks like that might even be Sal Salis on the cover, the Ningaloo Reef gem I featured last week. Thanks Smiths!

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Trave(love): FlexiFlats

flexiflatsThey look like just a regular pair of flats, right? Wrong! They’re FlexiFlats!

These beauties are so flexible that they fold up completely to be stowed away in a little pouch. The pouch expands to become a handy tote. If that’s not a space-saving, holiday-friendly invention, then I don’t know what is!

FlexiFlats come in black, pink, and silver.

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Flag Fare

The Sydney International Food Festival has gotten pretty creative with food this year! Their advertising campaign features a series of international flags made entirely out of popular local fare. Yummo!

siff italy

siff greece

siff south korea

siff india

siff spain

Here’s the delicious national flags from Italy, Greece, South Korea, India, and Spain. See more of these beauties here.

Found via Wide Open Spaces

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So, it turns out that this week has not been condusive to blogging.

I’ll be up and at ’em again next Monday.


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Ningaloo Reef is In-tents


Ningaloo Reef, safari-style accommodation, and reclining in the lap of luxury… That’s what you’ll find at Sal Salis Ningaloo Reef, located in the stunning coastal dunes of Cape Range National Park, near Exmouth in Western Australia.


Nearby Ningaloo is an ocean paradise, perfect for diving, snorkelling, or boating with hundreds of colourful marine creatures. Parallel to the ocean are the impressive limestone ranges and gorges of Cape Range National Park.


Sal Salis will set you up in one of five luxury tents, complete with ensuite. This is as luxe as camping gets and all meals are provided by the hotel restaurant, who cook up a delightful variety of fresh local produce.


I’ve been meaning to go and swim with the whale sharks for a while. Who knows, maybe 2010 will be the year?


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Trave(love): Notebooks by Archie Grand


No one likes a travel journal that announces itself on the cover. “My Travel Journal”, it might read, and not only is that obvious, it’s boring too. I’m ready to spice things up with notebooks by Archie Grand, perfect for friend or foe, and far more condusive to writing in that typical travel journal. Be the site of intrigue as you fashion a book emblazoned with slogans like Londoners/Fashionistas/Nobles I Met and Liked. Or even Lovers/Wives/Husbands I Had and Liked. Plus, the notebooks promise “160 blank pages of unspoiled creativity”. That’s what I’m talking about.

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