hairgo1Quel disastre!  You have awoken in a hostel in the middle of another strange city.  You’re not sure when you last washed your hair, and your hair products consist of only a hairbrush, some bobby pins, and hair ties.  How, in these circumstances, is a girl to do anything with her hair?  We’ve got it covered.  Here’s 4 easy ‘dos to take you from hostel hobo to street chic.

1) The Fancy Fringe
No kidding, I use this one all the time!  It never fails to impress or keep the hair out of your eyes.

hairgo2Step 1: Part your hair (or fringe if you have one) to one side.

Step 2: Gather a piece about 3cm wide.  This will be the start for your braid.

Step 3: As you braid across your face, pull in pieces of hair from the rest of your fringe.  I pull tightly and down with these pieces, so that the braid sits horizontally across my forehead.

Step 4: Once you have braided your hair across your forehead, pin it with a bobby pin or two.  Either leave the rest of your hair loose or put it into a low pony tail.

2) Twist ‘n’ Tuck
This one is so simple that I stole it from a girl on a bus.  She was sitting in front of me and I couldn’t stop thinking how cute and interesting her hair was.  Plus, it’s so simple to do, you could call it easy peasy!

hairgo3Step 1: Use a comb or your fingers to separate your hair in to sections (how thick they are will change depending on how much hair you have and how you want it to look at the end – I used 5 sections).

Step 2: Pull the piece loosely upwards toward the crown of your head.  Grasping near the end of your hair, twist it a few times, then use a bobby pin to secure it.

Step 3: When you have twisted all your hair together, give it a good blast with some hair spray and hit the streets!

3) The Amy Winehouse
This hair style is a bit of a blast from the past, revamped into a sleek, street savvy look a la ‘Mad Men’.  Dress this look up by putting loose hair in to a low pony tail and adding a headband.


Step 1: Starting just forward from the crown of your head, comb all your hair straight back.

Step 2: Using a comb, tease all of this hair to create volume, then smooth down the topmost layer.

Step 3: Using bobby pins, secure your hair in a beehive.  Secure with hair spray.  The height of your hair is entirely up to you!

4) The Swiss Miss
Classic, cute, and perfect for the Alps, this one’s another easy fix.

hairgo4Step 1: Simply part your hair down the back of your head and braid or plait each section, secure with a hair tie.

Step 2: Pull one plait across the back of your head.  Remove the hair tie and tuck loose ends under.  Secure it with a bobby pin.

Step 3: Repeat with the other plait.



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3 responses to “Hair-Go!

  1. Anna

    zomg, I love you. i was contemplating just cutting all my hair off, I’ve been having so many bad hair days. But these give me some great ideas. thanks so much!

  2. Rachel

    another super trick is dry shampoo! so you can get away without washing your hair for an extra day or two (or a couple of weeks if you’re my house mate). 🙂

  3. Kirsidee

    You are an awesome example of awesome, Miss Lexi!

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