City Scapes: Perth, Australia


Perth, Western Australia, sits on the coast of the Indian Ocean and can proudly claim to be the most isolated capital city in the world.  With a population of just under 2 million and an average temperature of 29 degrees (C) in summer and 17 in winter, Perth is a haven for laid back people who love the outdoors.

Top 3: sunbathing on white-sand beaches, beer drinking and eating the fresh catch of the sea, getting into nature.

perth3(Perth city, and Cottesloe beach)

Nibbles: Little Creatures is a brewery-turned-restaurant in Fremantle, Perth’s port area, which can’t be missed.  A Pale Ale pared with their delicious frites is the perfect way to spend an afternoon.  Gourmet market and wine seller, The Beaufort St Merchant, also dishes up delectable delights for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  For coffee and cake (or even a whole meal), we recommend The Imp, Blend, or Tiger Tiger, depending on where you find yourself.  Top baristas and top treats means you’ll never be disappointed.

Sips: While Little Creatures is an obvious stop on the drinking list, Must Wine Bar is another favourite for a classy nip with over 600 wines in its stores.  For drinks and dancing, the Hula Bula Bar or Devilles Pad guarantee fantastic music and cocktails.

perth2(Little Creatures, the old town in Fremantle, tiger tiger)

Experience: Head to Kings Park for a beautiful view of the city and the river and to enjoy the sunshine.  While the heart of Perth offers the most shopping, strolling the streets of Fremantle, Leederville, or Subiaco can yield some glorious finds from edgy boutiques.  In the summer, take in a film at an outdoor cinema or enjoy offerings from the Perth Festival.  When in doubt, head to Cottesloe beach.

SixThousand is a lifestyle guide with its finger on the pulse of Perth.  Check it out for the hippest of happenings.

perth4(coffee in Fremantle, Cottesloe beach)

Top tip: If the sun ain’t shinin’, the people of Perth are hibernatin’.  October through to April is the best time for a westward visit.

Photos from flickr


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