For some people (like me), the idea of keeping a travel journal is wishful thinking. You might not know it when you set out, but a few weeks into your trip, you’ll look at the blank pages of your journal and simply not know where to start. Here’s some handy tips for preserving your memories without a journal.


Obviously, a lot of travel time can be taken up by collecting photographs of you and your travelbuds standing in front of national monuments. These are great, but use your camera to collect other experiences, like the amazing cafe au lait you had in Montmartre, the autumn leaves being blown by the wind. Records of your sensory experiences will help to transport you back in time.


That ticket stub, that city map, that piece of paper you scribbled the address of your hostel on, that boarding pass… Put it in your pocket! I have a box full of such paraphenalia in my cupboard. You can almost see the memories seeping out of it.


Writing home about your amazing adventures, even those that didn’t go so well, can be priceless in place of a travel journal. I attempt to send an email home once a week when I’m on the road. It might take half an hour but it has resulted in a collection of invaluable tales and highlights that I can keep now.


When you can, write it down. I take a notebook when I adventure and fill it with everything; addresses, instructions, flight times. But I also try to jot down stories and recollections whenever I can. You don’t have to be strict about it, but it does help in the remembering game.

Photo cred: paper will eat itself, happysteps1107, your secret admiral, retro traveller


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