High Five!


Today I found myself in the airport to pick up my parents. Their flight was delayed an hour so, with time to kill, I headed to the airport newsagent/shop. Now, I am very familiar with airport shops worldwide but today got me thinking about how much of what they sell is actually useful. Here’s my choice for the top five things you can pick up in an airport shop.

1. Ear plugs
These babies play an important role in protecting you from loud children, snorers, and general chatter during transit.

2. Sea-Bands
I never travel without these babies! Sea-Bands are little grey wrist bands that uses acupressure to eliminate nausea and travel sickness. They are apparently a favourite among pilots, and if they’re good enough for them, they’re good enough for me.

3. Pack of cards
A pack of cards is smaller than a book but a whole lot more fun for you and your friends/family/strangers. Even if you’re travelling solo, these can be a life saver. Solitaire, anyone?

4. Neck pillow
I have a love/hate relationship with neck pillows. I love them because they make a plane ride about 200% more enjoyable. I hate them because once you’re off the plane you need to carry them with you. Ho-hum, I think they win this round…

5. Travel remedies
Long plane travel can enduce a huge number of ailments: sore muscles, cramping, dry eyes/nose/skin/lips, nose bleeds… you name it. Thankfully, most airport kiosks will usually have some form of muscle relaxant (like ibuprofen), blood thinner (aspirin), lip balm, moisturiser, and nasal spray available as well as pretty much anything else you could think of.

Do not want: very sugary or salty snacks (although I must admit to buying chocolate at any given opportunity); any bottled drinks you do not intend to consume before going through security – you will regret it; souvenirs, they will cost a lot more inside the airport than outside it; bulky books that will only end up wasting precious space; and anything liquid that is over 100mL.

So, what do you think? What would you pick as your top five?


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