Living for the Weekend

wknd5photo by hallie m

Situation: you’re gearing up for a weekend away and you’re know what to pack. Well, I’m sure in a stretch any of us could throw a bunch of things in a bag and hit the road. But the question is about how do you pack lightly and pack well?

Here’s what I’d pop into my bag…

Baggagewknd1This black Fanciulla Roma Overnight Bag has a bunch of different pockets to make it really versatile. Sticking a portable shopping bag like this Cobwebs Fold-Up Bag from Ciao Bella will deal with any overflow incurred by shopping. A small make-up bag like this Medium Make-Up Bag from Apple & Bee should be all you need for a weekend.


wknd2Above all, minimise everything! These great Hair & Face Single Shots by Ciao Bella Travel have packaged up single-use shots of shampoo, conditioner, cleanser, and moisturiser for traveling. Most essentials come in miniature versions these days but just take what you absolutely need. Hair dryers/straighteners may be necessary, but consider whether you can buy a mini version for travelling or if your hotel may have a hair dryer there.

What to Wear
To me, the key to successful (and minimal) packing is versatility. Try to follow a colour scheme for a trip to make it easier to mix and match. For this one, I chose blue and purple, with black and grey.

Jeans (7 For All Mankind Straight Leg Jeans) can be worn all weekend if needs be and, in dark denim, can be dressed up or down as needs be. A basic tank top (Forever 21 Basic Ribbed Tank (Blue)) can easily be worn sight-seeing or to sleep in. Rather than taking pyjamas, I try to multi-purpose a shirt I can wear in the day as well. A jacket is necessary, but try to go for one that can be casual or a bit more dressy as needs be, like this Sportsgirl Shawl Collar Jacket. Lastly, a scarf (Las Ramblas Scarf in Azul) is a must and can double as a pillow on planes or buses.

Lastly, shoes. I’ve spoken before about footwear being the enemy and, again, the key to packing less shoes is packing versatile shoes. These black Keds Pirouette T-Strap are nice enough for sightseeing or to wear out to a restaurant or show if needs be. A pair of strappy sandals that didn’t take up too much space would be my pick for a second pair of shoes, if I needed them.

What to Pack
All you should need for the rest of the weekend is another top (Forever 21 Petal Trim Top (Eggplant)) to wear over jeans. An amazing dress by Michelle Jonas, whose creations are perfect for day or night and, since they’re jersey, don’t require ironing to stay wrinkle-free. Any long bus rides or flights will be made easy by these Abi & Joseph Relaxed Fit Pilates Pants, which would be perfect to sleep in too.

Accessorise with some statement earrings (UO Laser Cut Filigree Earrings), sunglasses (Dotti Black Tort Risky sunnies), and a small clutch for daytime or nighttime outings (Top Shop Stud Panel Clutch).

Above All
Packing for a weekend away can easily get out of hand, so the key is to keep it simple and as versatile as possible.

Rather than packing lots of different outfits think of other easy ways to spice up outfits, like a pair of stockings, bright lipstick or eyeshadow, changing your hairstyle, and other jewellery or hair accessories that don’t take up too much space.

Above all, be prepared! I give you my promise that with a little bit of planning, you’ll never overpack again.



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  1. tree

    lovely, AND helpful!

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