Gadgets Make the World Go Round

gadgets4photo by rayskd2000

Never travel without a gadget or two? You shouldn’t! But you also shouldn’t crowd up your luggage with superfluous gadgets you’ll never use (we’ve all been there). Here’s some of the best little gadgets that will make your travel experience a whole lot smoother without wasting space…


1) Have iPod, will travel, right? Don’t forget to make things a whole lot easier with a USB power adaptor that plugs right into the wall. Spice things up for multiple USB devices with a multi-USB wall plug. It’s the way of the future!

2) Chargers are no use without power adaptors. If you’ve visiting multiple countries in one trip, or if you’re planning to, it’s worth investing in one of these world travel adaptors that contains multiple plug options in the one gadget. Love it.

3) Having your luggage searched is part of being a travelista. These TSA compliant locks enable authorised airport security teams to unlock your luggage without having to destroy your lock completely. A coloured indicator on the lock will let you know if/when your bag has been searched.


1) Need to charge your phone, camera, and iPod simultaneously? Have no fear! A little power board (like this one from Belkin) will go a long way, so if you’re a traveller who needs their gadgets, stow one in your carry-on.

2) Many travel guides will tell you that you’re going to need a torch. I’ve never needed one, but it certainly could come in handy if you need to find something/read in the dark. I’ve never needed an alarm clock either (I use my phone). But if I was ever in the market for either, I’d go for both with this torch/alarm-clock hybrid from Korjo.

3) Now that we’re in the digital age of cameras, a USB drive can come in handy for saving photos/documents when you’re moving from one web cafe to another.


1) Can’t imagine living without your hair-dryer? You don’t have to, thanks to Korjo’s fold-away hair-dryer. I promise, they are itsy-bitsy!

2) Travelling with friends or family? Share your music/movies with this Share Kit. It includes an extra set of headphone, a jack with two inputs, and a handy airplane adaptor.

3) Last but not least, if you need to stay wrinkle-free but can’t steer clear of unfriendly fabrics, then ditch the iron for this baby. This wrinkle free travel spray will make your clothes smooth and wearable, and it’s only 3 oz.


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