Travelistas are devoted to travel.  They share a love of exploring the nooks and crannies of the world (both close to home and far, far away).  They are savvy, passionate, and full of stories.

Travelista, the blog, is a way to share the savvy, passion, and stories. We want to help you get out and about in the wide world, in a way that is classy, crafty, and well budgeted.  We believe in preserving the planet for generations to come and in lending a hand when needed.

We hope you enjoy what we have to share (pass it on)!

usa (317)Travelista is written by a adventurer named Lexi.

Lexi hails from Perth, a small city in Australia.  She caught the travel bug when she first flew half-way around the world at the age of 19 to do a solo backpacking trip through the UK and Europe.  In the three years since then, she has made it back to Europe, all over the USA, to Russia, Egypt, and some shorter hops to the other side of Australia.  After friends began to seek her help booking their own trips, planning, and packing (!) she decided to share the love with the world.

Lexi is currently finishing a degree in Professional Writing and in her spare time, loves to eat good food, drink good wine, look at beautiful things, and dance the Lindy Hop (a type of swing dancing).  She is currently saving all her pennies to further explore the world and do the things she loves in unusual places.