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Trave(love): This Week I’m Digging…

I couldn’t decide what to post about today, so here’s a few things I’ve seen this week and thought “wooooo!”

diggin1) The Brandonburg Coat by Makool Loves You – Wooly and warm and perfect for travelling escapades!

2) Paris! Cards by Darling Clementine – Oh so sweet! The perfect gift for your wanderlusting friends & family.

3) Duluth Utility Pack by Inventory – This cute pack has an air of the past about it so you can feel like you’re on an adventure when you’re just going to school or work.


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Trave(love): FlexiFlats

flexiflatsThey look like just a regular pair of flats, right? Wrong! They’re FlexiFlats!

These beauties are so flexible that they fold up completely to be stowed away in a little pouch. The pouch expands to become a handy tote. If that’s not a space-saving, holiday-friendly invention, then I don’t know what is!

FlexiFlats come in black, pink, and silver.

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Trave(love): Notebooks by Archie Grand


No one likes a travel journal that announces itself on the cover. “My Travel Journal”, it might read, and not only is that obvious, it’s boring too. I’m ready to spice things up with notebooks by Archie Grand, perfect for friend or foe, and far more condusive to writing in that typical travel journal. Be the site of intrigue as you fashion a book emblazoned with slogans like Londoners/Fashionistas/Nobles I Met and Liked. Or even Lovers/Wives/Husbands I Had and Liked. Plus, the notebooks promise “160 blank pages of unspoiled creativity”. That’s what I’m talking about.

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Gadgets Make the World Go Round

gadgets4photo by rayskd2000

Never travel without a gadget or two? You shouldn’t! But you also shouldn’t crowd up your luggage with superfluous gadgets you’ll never use (we’ve all been there). Here’s some of the best little gadgets that will make your travel experience a whole lot smoother without wasting space…

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Trave(love): Michelle Jonas Travel Wear


I featured one of Michelle Jonas‘s gorgeous travel pieces a while ago in this post but I just had to give her more room. Michelle’s clothing is versatile and perfect for travel. They are made in fabrics that can pulled out of your suitcase without a worry of a wrinkle.


From all kinds of tops to dresses, skirts, shorts, and jumpsuits, Michelle’s clothes come in a variable rainbow of colours. They’re also are apparently a favourite with A-list jetsetters. No wonder, they really are gorgeous.

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Tupperware loves Travel

Tupperware and travel aren’t two words you’d usually hear in the same sentence… Until now. Tupperware have jumped on the jetsetting band wagon and brought out this new (dare I saw nigh on indestructable) travel pack.


It includes two 75mL travel bottles, a pill case, a case for creams, a toothbrush cap, and a clear travel bag. It also comes with a lifetime guarantee. Ooh err.

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Trave(love): Bags for Boys

Something special for the boys!

My friend Trev, lover of vintage and man about town, asked me to feature some classy men’s luggage with a retro feel. So here we go! Lots of gorgeous leather and canvas, very rugged, and certainly manly enough that I wouldn’t consider carrying it… (Though I would consider hitting on a guy with one of these babies on his airport trolley).


Clockwise from left: Globe Trotter Centenary Suitcases, Mulholland Endurance Angler’s Bag and Large Rolling Duffle, & Fossil Nevada City Bag and Duffle


(Collection on left) Mulholland Vintage Waxed Canvas International Carry-On and Shorthorn & (right) Johnston & Murphy 1850 Collection Vertical Messenger Bag and 22″ Duffle

boybags3(Collection at top) Orvis Bullhide Extra-Capacity Briefcase and Carry-On Roll-a-Case & (below) Orvis Montana Collection Rolling Duffle and Weekender

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