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Trave(love): Bag Tags

A colourful or unique luggage tag can make all the difference when 50 seemingly identical black suitcases hit the carousel and you can’t tell which is yours. Here’s some of the sweetest bag tags on the web.

luggage1We All Have Our Baggage from Anne Taintor, L’Amour from ModCloth, & Pantone Bag Tag from Flight 001


Fl-owl-er Power from ModCloth, Multi Dot from Tepper Jackson, & Vanilla Cupcake from Fluff


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Trave(love): Tote-ally!

Dear tote bags,

I love you a whole heap! You are the perfect thing to take on a worldwide jet-setting adventure. Empty, you are barely a blimp in my suitcase. Full, you are perfect for lugging dirty laundry to the laundromat, filling with fresh fruit from a farmers market or clothes on a day out shopping. You are the best for carrying my dance shoes or for the overflow that won’t fit in my suitcase.

Totes for all, and all for totes!

totes3I Love You More Than Blank


‘E is for Edgar, Elissa or Eggs’ by Lola & Bailey, Feathers by Poketo, & Candy Bag by Envirosaxtotes2Tokyo Tote from Mod Cloth, Helvetica Bold 108pt by DADADA, & White Bird Tote by rainbowswirlz

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Trave(love): Vintage Bicycles


I’ve been inspired by Melbourne company The Humble Vintage. These lovely folk are answering the subconscious cry of travelistas everywhere by renting out fabulous vintage racers to cruise around Melbourne on.

Not only do vintage bikes look darling (as do you on them), but cycling offers the unique opportunity to get around a city, whilst staying outside, interacting with the local streetscape, and burning some energy too.

Here’s a bunch of vintage racer inspiration to make your hearts aflutter!


Photo cred: coloredsprinkles, young asia, estejustin, sarah-ji, blanaid dot com, austinbikeblog, & zero discipline

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Trave(love): Cute Carriers by Apple & Bee

Apple and Bee Sydney company Apple & Bee produce a gorgeous range of organic cotton bags for all occassions.

We love their sweet make-up carriers, sizing from teeny tiny to spacious.  Their pencil cases are perfect for every day essentials, smalls great for a weekend away, and their fold-out carry all travelers are divine for long term trips.

These guys are making quite a buzz about the beauty crowd, who love their environmentally friendly focus.  Apple & Bee are a carbon neutral company, plus they donate a part of all their profits to environmental organisations.

Beautiful bags and good to the earth: what’s not to love?

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Trave(love): Spill-free Shampoos by Lush Cosmetics

Lush ShampoosI don’t know about you but packing a bottle of shampoo or conditioner into my suitcase guarantees that it will spill. Maybe it’s Murphy’s Law. None-the-less, I never travel without one of Lush Cosmetics’ solid shampoos.  These little babies price at AU$13.50 (US$9.25) and can last up to 80 washes. If that’s not bang for your buck,  I don’t know what is.

My favourite is Godiva, a shampoo-conditioner hybrid, named after the luscious Lady Godiva who rode through the streets clad in nought but her flowing locks.  Sounds like she had something special!

Lush’s tiny treats can be carried in a little tin for easy keeping and can be for washing your body and clothes as well as your hair.  This might be true love…

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Trave(love): Vintage Maillot de Bains

I’m going to subtitle this post as How to Look Sexy in a One Piece, because that’s what these vintage style suits are all about.  Just slip a wrap skirt over the top for a walk around the town and transfer effortlessly to lounging on the beach.  Delightful!


L-R: Emanuelle by Agent Provocateur, The Veronica Bathing Suit from ModCloth, Bathing Beauty by Esther Williams, Retro Halter by Popina

maillots2L-R: Vamp Maillot One Piece by Jantzen, Allie by Agent Provocateur

I’m loving polka dots and vibrant colours!  I’ve also thrown a bikini in the miz as well for ladies who have nothing they want to hide.

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Trave(love): Beckel Canvas


These lovely tents by Beckel Canvas make me want to head for the wild.  Camping is such an organic way to travel.  No need for much: just your car (or a bus), tent, and some basic provisions.  I’m hoping for a camping trip soon.



These pretties range from $60 to $700 (US) and are made in Portland, Oregon by “the second generation of Beckels”.  They make some sturdy and sexy lookin’ bags too.

found via {frolic!}

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