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Trave(love): Notebooks by Archie Grand


No one likes a travel journal that announces itself on the cover. “My Travel Journal”, it might read, and not only is that obvious, it’s boring too. I’m ready to spice things up with notebooks by Archie Grand, perfect for friend or foe, and far more condusive to writing in that typical travel journal. Be the site of intrigue as you fashion a book emblazoned with slogans like Londoners/Fashionistas/Nobles I Met and Liked. Or even Lovers/Wives/Husbands I Had and Liked. Plus, the notebooks promise “160 blank pages of unspoiled creativity”. That’s what I’m talking about.


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Mama Shelter

So Frenchy! So chic!


Mama Shelter is a hip budget hotel rockin’ the 20th arrondissement of Paris. Plus, it’s scooping up acclaim everywhere. This little Mama is featured on Conde Nast’s 2009 Hot List, as well as being rated for its design and business functionality.


I’m loving its simple monochromatic look, created by Philippe Starck to offer “an eclectic and electric ambiance thanks to its friendly, warm and casual common areas”.


I love it’s choices of rooms (ranging from the basic Mama to Mama Luxe, Mama Deluxe, or Mama Suite). I love its dining options and gorgeous chalkboard covered bar. I especially love that rates start at only 109EUR per night (AU$180).

Ooh la la! Check out this review in Gourmet Traveller.

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Ace Hotel, Palm Springs

I’d love to head to the desert for a weekend and I would especially love it if I were staying here.  The Ace Hotel in Palm Springs just looks delicious, don’t you think?



The Ace’s website says they love creating a neat experience based on a sense of place.  What a place!  Huge pool, hot tubs, a spa, restaurants, a bar, and plenty of hammocks and wood fires for relaxing and star gazing.

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