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Flag Fare

The Sydney International Food Festival has gotten pretty creative with food this year! Their advertising campaign features a series of international flags made entirely out of popular local fare. Yummo!

siff italy

siff greece

siff south korea

siff india

siff spain

Here’s the delicious national flags from Italy, Greece, South Korea, India, and Spain. See more of these beauties here.

Found via Wide Open Spaces


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Bar Boom

Okay, Perth dwellers, this is for you!

Craving somewhere slinky for your drinky? Suffering from a case of the drinky doldrums?

Thanks to a small bar license, approved by the WA government in 2007, proprietors are starting to patch up the cracks of Perth’s cityscape. But the holes in the wall aren’t simply disappeared. They are being revised and revamped into hip itty-bitty bars, the perfect place to dress all shiny and share a cocktail with a (really) small group of friends.


Clockwise from top left:
Helvetica, 1907, The George, and Double Lucky

Since the introduction of the small bar license, designed for venues that hold up to 120 people, around 30 such certificates have been handed out by the WA Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor.

Clicky for our list of sexy small bars to spice up your nightlife…

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The Daily Grub


Are you a food fiend? Is the first thing that comes to mind when dreaming of a holiday all the delicious delicacies you’d like to uncover? Don’t know where to start?

In North America look no further than Grub Street.  A daily blog, this baby’s heart belonged soley to New York for nigh on three years, but has recently spread its wings to go national.  Now Boston, Chicago, Philly, LA, and San Francisco join foodie NY on the list.

The site includes recipes, reviews, and a new catalogue of North America’s top 200 burgers.  Mmm…

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paris dreaming by sfgirlbybay

photo by sfgirlbybay

C’est vrai, j’adore la Paris!  Here’s some Parisien weblove for you!

  • The latest issue of Australian Gourmet Traveller touts a French feast, adorning their cover with glorious pink macaroons.  Even better is their must read article about the best eats in Paris for under €10.
  • Do It In Paris brings a Paris lifestyle guide from one Parisienne to the masses. Where do you find a 24-hour pharmacy? What’s on this weekend? Where’s the best places to shop near the Canal St Martin? Look no further!
  • If you’re anything like me and frequently have daydreams about Laduree, why not bring the goodness of macaroons to your own home with these Pistachio/Creme Brulee sweeties by Tartalette?

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