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Trave(love): This Week I’m Digging…

I couldn’t decide what to post about today, so here’s a few things I’ve seen this week and thought “wooooo!”

diggin1) The Brandonburg Coat by Makool Loves You – Wooly and warm and perfect for travelling escapades!

2) Paris! Cards by Darling Clementine – Oh so sweet! The perfect gift for your wanderlusting friends & family.

3) Duluth Utility Pack by Inventory – This cute pack has an air of the past about it so you can feel like you’re on an adventure when you’re just going to school or work.


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Trave(love): FlexiFlats

flexiflatsThey look like just a regular pair of flats, right? Wrong! They’re FlexiFlats!

These beauties are so flexible that they fold up completely to be stowed away in a little pouch. The pouch expands to become a handy tote. If that’s not a space-saving, holiday-friendly invention, then I don’t know what is!

FlexiFlats come in black, pink, and silver.

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Trave(love): Michelle Jonas Travel Wear


I featured one of Michelle Jonas‘s gorgeous travel pieces a while ago in this post but I just had to give her more room. Michelle’s clothing is versatile and perfect for travel. They are made in fabrics that can pulled out of your suitcase without a worry of a wrinkle.


From all kinds of tops to dresses, skirts, shorts, and jumpsuits, Michelle’s clothes come in a variable rainbow of colours. They’re also are apparently a favourite with A-list jetsetters. No wonder, they really are gorgeous.

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Ciao, Bella!


Two savvy travelistas from Queensland are behind one-stop-travel-shop Ciao Bella Travel. They wanted to provide a resource for female travellers preparing for a trip and, by george, they’ve done it!

They’ve got clothing, they’ve got luggage, they’ve got cosmetics, accessories, locks, socks, and wet bikini bags! Everything you need to jetset with no worries. Love!


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Trave(love): Tote-ally!

Dear tote bags,

I love you a whole heap! You are the perfect thing to take on a worldwide jet-setting adventure. Empty, you are barely a blimp in my suitcase. Full, you are perfect for lugging dirty laundry to the laundromat, filling with fresh fruit from a farmers market or clothes on a day out shopping. You are the best for carrying my dance shoes or for the overflow that won’t fit in my suitcase.

Totes for all, and all for totes!

totes3I Love You More Than Blank


‘E is for Edgar, Elissa or Eggs’ by Lola & Bailey, Feathers by Poketo, & Candy Bag by Envirosaxtotes2Tokyo Tote from Mod Cloth, Helvetica Bold 108pt by DADADA, & White Bird Tote by rainbowswirlz

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Trave(love): Vintage Maillot de Bains

I’m going to subtitle this post as How to Look Sexy in a One Piece, because that’s what these vintage style suits are all about.  Just slip a wrap skirt over the top for a walk around the town and transfer effortlessly to lounging on the beach.  Delightful!


L-R: Emanuelle by Agent Provocateur, The Veronica Bathing Suit from ModCloth, Bathing Beauty by Esther Williams, Retro Halter by Popina

maillots2L-R: Vamp Maillot One Piece by Jantzen, Allie by Agent Provocateur

I’m loving polka dots and vibrant colours!  I’ve also thrown a bikini in the miz as well for ladies who have nothing they want to hide.

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Trave(love): Cloche My Gosh

The European summer is upon us!  There’s nothing you need more when strolling cobble-stoned streets, gelato and camera in hand, than a cute hat.  Cloches to the rescue!


L-R: Asymmetrical Straw Cloche by Urban Outfitters, The Cloche by Victor Osborne, Bow Cloche by Urban Outfitters

cloches2 Ginger R & Karlee by Goorin Bros.

I think these can double up as keeping the sun off your nose or keeping you warm in winter.  Wish, wish, wish!

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